Friendship Week



Just a quick look back at this years Friendship Week in Coláiste de Lacy which was held in November.

The week long event was ran by Iníon Sorohan and Iníon O’Flanagan with help from Iníon Cunningham for the fantastic friendship week karaoke challenge.

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All first and second years took part in the weeks fun activities listed below:

  • Secret Friend
  • Friendship Bingo
  • Making friendship bracelets
  • A Friendship dance-off competition
  • A Friendship Karaoke Challenge
  • Creating a ‘friendship web’ by passing along a string of yarn to a classmate while paying them a compliment (see picture)
  • Attending a Humour Fit Drama Production by Mike O’Sullivan on the theme and effects of bullying
  • Creation of a whole school ‘Friendship Fingerprint Tree’ where all students placed their fingerprint in the form of leaves on our friendship tree.

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Poetry Workshop with Performance Poet Colm Keegan

On the 17th of December Colm Keegan, a writer, performance poet and creative writing teacher delivered a poetry workshop to our second year English students as a result of our winning best overall poetry in the Francis Ledwidge Competition last year.

Our students had an amazing day with each and every single student crafting their poem and participating in a poetry slam at the end of the session.

Here below is just a snapshot of some of the poems created on the day thanks to Colm.


 It’s Christmas Day roughly five years ago

I ask my uncle to help build Lego

He says yes and helps me piece by piece

And everything fills with peace

We’re half way there and it falls apart

And he helps me build it again from the start

It’s been five hours and it’s finally put together

I wish he was still here to see it standing there

Proudly on the shelf where it’s always near

Memories like these keep those who are gone


The Old Fella

By Adam

 He hated the wind

But that didn’t stop him visiting.

He’d sit there

With his paddy cap.

Sneaking a fag

When the missus wasn’t looking.


I didn’t know,

…But I did…

Because he’s grandad.


He had to walk down the old lane-


Our Swing

By Onóra 

Footsteps cutting through the silence,
We walked the enchanted way,
Branches knotted like hidden roots,
Distant birds sing faraway,
Then in the distant I spot,
With my eyes full of love and wonder,
That little string,
Once called a swing,
Hanging from the treetop,
No one could prepare me from the joy that day,
That we walked the enchanted way.

I sat down quietly on the lonely bench,
And tied the ribbons of my worn down shoes.
My hair was strictly pulled into a ballet bun,
Wore a dress of bold, royal blues.

And each move I took was full of grace,
Delicate steps that made me so brave.
The screaming, the crying, they were replaced,
With each twirl and leap my soul gave.

I looked around with a sudden pause,
The crowd started to make me feel small.
The silent was louder than my heart could scream,
Feeling like I wasn’t existent at all

The passion was a reminder of all that is gone,
Like she is, a hole in my heart.
And with her goes our precious times,
But nothing will tear us apart.

A lot To Me

By Evan 

There’s a smell of smokes

A taste of beer

Coming from those middle aged blokes

Trying to forget why they’re here

The concrete jungle

Ugly paint jobs

Cars spreading like fungal

Trying to avoid the mobs

This ugly scar

That tears me apart

Because I’ve loved you from the start

There’s beauty in everything

It can be hard to see

And even if you feel like nothing

You mean a lot to me


When people act like you’re invisible

When people act like you’re invisible,

But you’re as clear as a crystal.

When people lie to your face,

And think you don’t know the truth.

When you open up to someone,

And they stab you in the back.

When they give out and scream and shout,

And the next day she wants to come back.

But deep down I know,

She’s as fake as snow in the summer.



By Aisling 

She sat at the piano, all straight and up right

The brooch of a wombat, clinging on for dear life

Hard boiled sweets that sat in the jar

The minute you pop one in your mouth you could smell them from afar

For the songs that she played are no longer there

And the sweets I cannot smell

As she lays in the box with the brooch on her top

Her body so small and so frail

Her smile will be always be in my mind

For she’s with me all of the timeIMG_7147 IMG_7148 IMG_7151

CDL Students Win Silver for Ashbourne in the 2015 All Ireland Community Games Debating Competition

A massive well done to Coláiste de Lacy students Onóra, Vesta and Matthew who won an outstanding silver place in the 2015 All Ireland Community Games Debating Competition in Athlone over the summer battling it out against reigning champions for the last two years Galway.
Students were trained and accompanied by Ms. Noelle Sorohan, English teacher at Coláiste de Lacy and Ms. Yvonne Finn from Ashbourne Community Games.
The students did a formidable job with some very challenging topics showing wisdom beyond their young years.IMG_5408 IMG_5453 IMG_5454 IMG_5458 IMG_5459