First Year English Students meet Oscar Winner Emma Donoghue!

It’s not every day you get to meet an Academy Award winner and international bestseller in the flesh!


Thirty of our First Year students and our English teachers Iníon Sorohan and Maistir Maguire had the amazing opportunity of being invited down to Ashbourne Library for an audience interview with author Emma Donoghue who was there to promote her new children’s book ‘The Lottery’s Plus One’.

Emma’s book ‘Room’ was turned into the hit film ‘Room’ of the same name, for which she also wrote the screenplay which was nominated and won the Academy Award!!!

She talked to our students about how she started writing and where she gets her ideas and inspiration and how it was to work closely with film director Lenny Abrahamson.

She was blown away with the level of questioning posed to her by our first year students. If their clever questions are anything to go by we may have some Oscar winners and international best sellers in our midst!

It was a great day and very inspiring.

Iníon Sorohan

Coláiste de Lacy students captivated by Oscar Winning Author Emma Donoghue

English Students Get Arty!

During the reading of our First Year Novel ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio we came across a cultural reference to a famous  painting called ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch a Norwegian artist. We learned that the Halloween Scream mask and the famous picture of Kevin from the classic Christmas film ‘Home Alone’  and the  scream emoji were all inspired from this old painting!


There are four versions of this painting, each created using different media- paints, pastel and crayon.

Our First Year students created their own version of the painting using whatever media they liked- colouring pencil, markers, pastels, or black ink pen etc.

Students then paired up to take each other’s pictures in the famous scream pose!






































Many of the key Junior Cycle skills were used through the reading of the novel and this side project including being creative, working with others, managing myself and staying well. It also linked nicely in with our BLP teaching methodology practiced here in Coláiste de Lacy and the habits with try to cultivate within our students- planning, imagining and collaborating.

Here is just a tiny sample from a few of our students put together in one collage!

Iníon Sorohan

Coláiste de Lacy CSPE students win a total of 80 cinema tickets!


Students across Iníon Sorohan’s first and second year CSPE groups put their creative skills to the test to tell “The Story of Their Stuff”- a competition ran by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Students had to pick an object or product from their everyday life, research its origins and visually tell its story.


Students used their Junior Cycle skills of being creative by writing, filming and producing their own videos, story boards and comic book illustrations. They are also got to learn about the environmental effects of modern mass production and also about human interdependence and how we rely on many other countries for the products we use and consume every day.

A still shot from the opening sequence of ‘The Story of My Glasses’, a film directed and produced by one of our students.



Standards were extremely high and students engaged really well with their film productions- some of the cinematography was outstanding!

A still shot from ‘The Story of My Drumsticks’- a short film by own of our second year students

‘A Day in the Life of an Eraser’

Although the overall winner has still not been announced the EPA were overwhelmed with the volume of entries from Coláiste de Lacy. So much so they got in contact with the school to acknowledge us as the school with the greatest amount of entries and to reward all 45 students who entered with two cinema tickets each as a reward for their efforts!!! We are also going to be acknowledged on their website and they are issuing out a certificate of participation to all students involved!

The overall winner of the competition will win €500 for themselves and €500 for the school as well as a workshop with videographer Christian Tierney who has worked with Macklemore, Conor McGregor and Kendrick Lamar. Fingers crossed!!

Iníon Sorohan

Active Week Activities for the English classroom! Hula Hoop Drama !

During active week we tried to include some activities and exercises into the English classroom to get students up and moving!

First Year students were set the difficult task of reading an extract from the play ‘Galileo’ by Bertolt Brecht while simultaneously trying to Hula Hoop! They then had to find the connection between the hula hooping and the themes of the drama piece.

The hula hoop goes around in circles just like the structure of the play-the extract ends exactly how it starts. There was also no change to the characters thinking – their ideas just go around and around.

The play also deals with Galileo’s theory and now fact that the earth travels around the sun. Students were able to understand the theory by thinking of themselves  as the sun in the middle of the hula hoop and then the hula hoop as the planets orbiting the sun.  For those who were not able to hula hoop they were allowed to keep the hula hoop in motion with their arms!

The main learning habits used were- managing distractions, making links, questioning , reasoning, collaboration, resilience*

Students were also taught punctuation through a punctuation karate activity!

Iníon Sorohan

Mask Making Merriment! Romeo and Juliet Mask Making Project



Our second year English students had a ‘ball’ making their Ventetian Masquerade Ball masks following our reading of Act 1 Scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet- The Capulet Ball.

Again this year our students were set the challenge of becoming costume designers. Each student had to design a Venetian Mask to represent a character of their choice.

The design of their mask had to reflect the qualities of that particular character. All students had to submit a detailed design brief with a character analysis before the mask making could begin.

Many of the key skills across the new Junior Cycle were again drawn heavily on in completion of this project- Being Creative, Managing Myself, Working with Others and Keeping Well.

Students did a fantastic job- some of the results which you can see here!