Coláiste de Lacy CSPE students win a total of 80 cinema tickets!


Students across Iníon Sorohan’s first and second year CSPE groups put their creative skills to the test to tell “The Story of Their Stuff”- a competition ran by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Students had to pick an object or product from their everyday life, research its origins and visually tell its story.


Students used their Junior Cycle skills of being creative by writing, filming and producing their own videos, story boards and comic book illustrations. They are also got to learn about the environmental effects of modern mass production and also about human interdependence and how we rely on many other countries for the products we use and consume every day.

A still shot from the opening sequence of ‘The Story of My Glasses’, a film directed and produced by one of our students.



Standards were extremely high and students engaged really well with their film productions- some of the cinematography was outstanding!

A still shot from ‘The Story of My Drumsticks’- a short film by own of our second year students

‘A Day in the Life of an Eraser’

Although the overall winner has still not been announced the EPA were overwhelmed with the volume of entries from Coláiste de Lacy. So much so they got in contact with the school to acknowledge us as the school with the greatest amount of entries and to reward all 45 students who entered with two cinema tickets each as a reward for their efforts!!! We are also going to be acknowledged on their website and they are issuing out a certificate of participation to all students involved!

The overall winner of the competition will win €500 for themselves and €500 for the school as well as a workshop with videographer Christian Tierney who has worked with Macklemore, Conor McGregor and Kendrick Lamar. Fingers crossed!!

Iníon Sorohan

Global Goals

World Leaders have committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years.

1 – End extreme poverty.

2 – Fight inequality & injustice.

3 – Fix climate change.

Our students from Rang Eirinn and Rang Fianna believe the Global Goals for sustainable development could be achieved. In all countries. For all people. They believe the Goals are going to work, but everyone needs to know about them. We here in CDL want to TELL EVERYONE.


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The more people who know about the Global Goals for sustainable development, the more successful they’ll be. If we all fight for them, our leaders will make them happen. So they need to be famous.

We’re working to get the Global Goals onto every website and billboard, broadcast on every TV station and radio station, in every cinema and classroom, pinned to every community noticeboard and sent to every mobile phone.

But that won’t be enough. We need your help to share the Goals. In conversation, on e-mail, in debate, on products, at home, at work, at school – whatever it takes to Tell Everyone.

For more information on the Global Goals please visit


Friendship Week

Friendship Week


Here are a few pictures from our friendship week held at the beginning of May.

Over the course of the week our students participated each day in activities that promoted friendship, team bonding and collaboration while also looking at the importance of Human Rights and Responsibilities in their daily interactions with each other.

Listed here are just some of the fun activities the students participated in were:

  • Friendship Breakfast
  • Friendship Bingo
  • Making friendship bracelets
  • A Friendship dance-off competition
  • Creating a ‘friendship web’ by passing along a string of yarn to a classmate while paying them a compliment (see picture)
  • Attending a Humour Fit Drama Production by Mike O’Sullivan on the theme and effects of bullying
  • Watching a ‘Friendship Film’


‘The Friendship Web’

Photo 21-04-2015 11 03 31

Photo 21-04-2015 11 04 09

The Toothpaste Activity!!


The Toothpaste Activity!



Friendship Breakfast!



Photo 21-04-2015 10 16 22

Photo 21-04-2015 10 10 13


The Dance-Off!

Photo 01-05-2015 09 29 40

Photo 01-05-2015 09 28 53

Photo 01-05-2015 09 26 08Photo 01-05-2015 09 22 39Photo 01-05-2015 09 12 09

Making our ‘Friendship Bracelets’