Gearing up for Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially students and young people. This years theme for Safer Internet Day 2018 is “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”. Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 6th. Here at CDL in Ashbourne we have a number of activities planned to help get all of our students involved.

In preparation for this we had a friendly visit from our local Community Gardaí in Ashbourne. They delivered a talk to all our 1st year students on Internet Safety; how to keep their information safe online, how to mind their personal safety while engaging in the online world and the consequences of engaging in negative behaviour online.

Please find a list of useful information:

Learning to Code and Problem Solve

This year Coding was introduced as an Other Learning Experience (OLE) in CDL for 1st and 2nd Year students. It’s important for our students to learn more than just a basic understanding of coding, we want them to work on analyzing problems, problem solving strategies and to experiment with their individual creativity.

To help us get started on this journey we are using some of the resources available on If you would like to learn more about what you son/daughter is learning in coding, please check out the website above.

Science Week 2017

Coláiste De Lacy celebrated Science week with a number of events and competitions held throughout the week. These included the marshmallow tower building challenge as well as digestion and methane fire bubble demonstrations. There were daily science riddles as well as tasking starters that encouraged students and staff to use their imagining and noticing habits. Two TY students performed a humorous monologue during Tional where both staff and students learned to never trust an atom as they make up everything along with many more interesting facts.
The highlight of the week was the Clann Egg drop challenge where students had to create a structure that would protect an egg that was dropped from the first floor onto the halla floor. The competition was fierce and a number of clanns were inseparable. As a result the science department have decided to run another egg drop challenge with stricter criteria after Christmas.
The Science Department would like to thank both staff and students for their participation and effort which made Science Week an extremely enjoyable event.

Irish Schools Fitness Challenge

Colaiste De Lacy took part in the Irish Schools Fitness Challenge again this year. Pupils completed their initial test in early October and have been working on improving their fitness levels since. All classes have been taking part in timed lap challenges as well different strength classes. Students were assigned activity homework and many have been working hard to improve their fitness by attending the extracurricular sports clubs inside school as well as trying to be as active as possible outside of school. The second phase of results have been collected and the PE Department are proud to announce that all the effort has paid off and that the majority of students have improved their result.

New sport arrives in CDL

This year a camogie team was formed in Coláiste De Lacy and our students took part in the Meath/Kildare Novice Schools Senior league. Participating in a league with older and more experienced players, Coláiste De Lacy stepped up and produced some super displays against Coláiste Chiarain Leixlip, St. Peter’s College Dunboyne and Athboy CS. A rock tight defense, strong running in the midfield and a versatile forward line that defended as well as scored ensure that we competed well with more established schools.  An important mention needs to be given to the large number of players have only started playing since September. These girls have rose to the tough challenge set by competing with players that have represented their counties at minor level. Training continues every week and numbers are growing. We look forward to playing in the Meath/Kildare Junior League that will begin in February.  

First Year English Students meet Oscar Winner Emma Donoghue!

It’s not every day you get to meet an Academy Award winner and international bestseller in the flesh!


Thirty of our First Year students and our English teachers Iníon Sorohan and Maistir Maguire had the amazing opportunity of being invited down to Ashbourne Library for an audience interview with author Emma Donoghue who was there to promote her new children’s book ‘The Lottery’s Plus One’.

Emma’s book ‘Room’ was turned into the hit film ‘Room’ of the same name, for which she also wrote the screenplay which was nominated and won the Academy Award!!!

She talked to our students about how she started writing and where she gets her ideas and inspiration and how it was to work closely with film director Lenny Abrahamson.

She was blown away with the level of questioning posed to her by our first year students. If their clever questions are anything to go by we may have some Oscar winners and international best sellers in our midst!

It was a great day and very inspiring.

Iníon Sorohan

Coláiste de Lacy students captivated by Oscar Winning Author Emma Donoghue

Coláiste de Lacy CSPE students win a total of 80 cinema tickets!


Students across Iníon Sorohan’s first and second year CSPE groups put their creative skills to the test to tell “The Story of Their Stuff”- a competition ran by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Students had to pick an object or product from their everyday life, research its origins and visually tell its story.


Students used their Junior Cycle skills of being creative by writing, filming and producing their own videos, story boards and comic book illustrations. They are also got to learn about the environmental effects of modern mass production and also about human interdependence and how we rely on many other countries for the products we use and consume every day.

A still shot from the opening sequence of ‘The Story of My Glasses’, a film directed and produced by one of our students.



Standards were extremely high and students engaged really well with their film productions- some of the cinematography was outstanding!

A still shot from ‘The Story of My Drumsticks’- a short film by own of our second year students

‘A Day in the Life of an Eraser’

Although the overall winner has still not been announced the EPA were overwhelmed with the volume of entries from Coláiste de Lacy. So much so they got in contact with the school to acknowledge us as the school with the greatest amount of entries and to reward all 45 students who entered with two cinema tickets each as a reward for their efforts!!! We are also going to be acknowledged on their website and they are issuing out a certificate of participation to all students involved!

The overall winner of the competition will win €500 for themselves and €500 for the school as well as a workshop with videographer Christian Tierney who has worked with Macklemore, Conor McGregor and Kendrick Lamar. Fingers crossed!!

Iníon Sorohan

Mask Making Merriment! Romeo and Juliet Mask Making Project



Our second year English students had a ‘ball’ making their Ventetian Masquerade Ball masks following our reading of Act 1 Scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet- The Capulet Ball.

Again this year our students were set the challenge of becoming costume designers. Each student had to design a Venetian Mask to represent a character of their choice.

The design of their mask had to reflect the qualities of that particular character. All students had to submit a detailed design brief with a character analysis before the mask making could begin.

Many of the key skills across the new Junior Cycle were again drawn heavily on in completion of this project- Being Creative, Managing Myself, Working with Others and Keeping Well.

Students did a fantastic job- some of the results which you can see here!

Flying Fit at Coláiste De Lacy

We are delighted to announce Colaiste De Lacy won Third Place in the Most Improved Mixed School Category in the 2016 Irish Life Health Schools’ Fitness Challenge. With just under 200 secondary schools across the country participating, this is an remarkable achievement for our new school.

At the start of the year it was decided by The PE Department to enter the Coláiste into the 2016 School’s Fitness Challenge. We felt that our students could learn about the importance of fitness for future health and to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle. This year’s challenge was completed over 11 weeks from October to December 2016. An initial fitness test was carried out to measure the fitness levels of all students in the Coláiste. Following the data collected, The PE Department created a six week training programme to help improve all students cardiovascular fitness levels. Each week, during PE, Students participated in a 1km timed run and results were collected. Students compared their results each week and set targets for the following weeks. Growth mindset, positivity, determination and work ethic played a pivotal role in the students improvement.

Following the 6 week training programme, a repeat fitness test was completed to measure new fitness levels. The improvement of ALL students was astounding and that was down to their hard work and endeavour each week during PE.

A huge congratulations to all students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, and both Iníon O’Sullivan & Maistir Hall for all the undertaking done to accomplish our excellent achievement.

Coláiste de Lacy boys reach Basketball Semi finals!

Coláiste de Lacy’s Junior Basketball Team have won five games from five in their quest to win the prestigious North Eastern Schools Basketball League. The dynamic and skillful team continue to train on Friday evenings as they await their opponents in the semi final stage. The team topped their group having overcome strong schools from Dundalk, Athboy, Navan and Drogheda.









Well done to all players involved!