Poetry Inspires Music

Rhythm is what makes music as well as poetry. In fact Junior Cycle music students’ study a type of song called ‘Art Songs’ which are   poems set to music.

In honour of ‘Poetry Week’ last week in CDL. The 1st year music students got a chance to compose some music inspired by a poem of their choice or a poem that they have composed themselves.

Check out some of their compositions:

Chloe’s Composition

Beibhinn’s Composition

James’ Composition

Nell’s Composition

We hope you enjoyed our compositions and check back soon for what we get up to next in the Music Room.






Technology helps bring chords to life in the Music Room.

As part of the Music Taster programme it is great to see the CDL music students getting stuck in to their learning. GarageBand, an app available on apple devices allows our students to experience music making in a creative and engaging way.

GarageBand in a fantastic tool for experimenting with instruments and musical components. Our students can experiment with a number of instruments that they may otherwise not have access to or ever have the opportunity to play, such as electronic synthesizers (many of which have countless hidden instruments and noises), arpeggiator and orchestral instrumentation.

DJ’s in CDL

Rang Lir have been getting to grips with the GarageBand app on the iPad over the past few weeks. This app is a creative tool that allows the students access to instruments that they may never learn to play. The then use these instruments, sounds and samples to blend a piece of music together.

Here are some pieces that are works in progress:

Nikita’s Song

Shauna’s Song

Lauren’s Song

Eryn’s Song

Emma’s Song

Ellie’s Drum Song

Maria and Nikita’s Song

Ava’s Song

Amelia’s Song

Emma’s Song



  • Record themselves reading a passage – great FLUENCY check.
  • Record themselves reading a paper or poem they have written – great way to check for errors
  • Record themselves reflecting on an assignment – great way to hear their thinking process
  • Re-tell events of a story
  • Create a song or a jingle for a commercial
  • Create a podcast and post it to the class webpage
  • Tell a story using music and sound effects
  • Make a radio advertisement
  • Make a public service announcement and play it for the school
  • Record what academic goals they would like to achieve before the end of the year
  • Practice their public speaking skills (especially great for students who are shy and don’t like to speak in front of the class.

    Slán Rang Lir

Music falls into place in CDL.



On October the 18th 2016 the 2nd Year Music students hosted an end of term lunch time concert for the students and staff of Coláiste De Lacy. The concert took place at lunch time in seomra 9. A packed audience gathered together to support the 7 amazing performances throughout the concert.


Our first act of the day was Matthew from 1st year who played beautifully on the piano. Followed by Ryan in 2nd year who performed ‘A Stormy Night’ on guitar. This piece was composed by Ryan’s uncle especially for guitar.


Next up was our resident rock star Leon from 3rd year who performed his rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ on electric guitar. This performance was followed by Victoria in 2 year who performed ‘The Old French Song’ on piano.


Next up we had a group performance from 1st and 2nd year girls. They performed the Cup Song accompanied by Eva in 2nd year on guitar.


Our final two performances were by Iníon Cunningham on piano and Aoife in 3rd year on classical guitar. Iníon performed ‘A Well Tempered Clavier’ on piano and Aoife performed a beautiful traditional spanish guitar piece.




The concert lasted for almost 30 mins and the audience seemed to really enjoy the concert we put together. Preparing for this concert was a lot of hard work and at one stage we didn’t think that we would have everything ready on time. However, we worked hard and put our heads together and overcame the many challenges that came our way.

We would like to thank all the students and staff for attending this event as the crowd really helped to make the atmosphere for our performers. We would also like to thank Iníon Corrigan and Maistír McCormack for trusting us with organising this event and helping us with some of the planning.


We cannot wait for our next concert in the Lunch Time Series. This will be before the Christmas holidays and will be epic!





Blog post by Leah (2nd Year Music)

Photography by Cathal and Sadhbh (2nd Year Music)


Rang Lir get a taste of Music.


The students in Rang Lir are about half way through their Option Taster in Music and here is what they have to say about it.

Check out:

Library Photo (1)

Here in Coláiste De Lacy we believe that music is an essential part of the human experience. We believe everyone is musical, has a need for musical expression, and that music develops humans in a unique way.

Participating in musical activities can help develop the following:


Music allows us to unleash our creativity in re-creation (interpretation) and in music creation (composition).

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Musicians seek to find unique ways to bring beauty into the world through sound.


Music is unique in that ideas and emotions are communicated in sound—not necessarily with words. Attentiveness to sound increases our ability to understand others and clarify our own communications.


Studying music allows us to understand other cultures and places in an intimate way. We learn about the complex relationships between composers, society, music, and ideas.


Music lessons teach us the value of consistency and persistence.


Students develop an ability to learn on their own.


Musicians learn the value of teamwork when working in groups (ensembles).

Library Photo


Music study encourages us to pursue the highest standards for ourselves not bench mark ourselves against another.


In studying music we learn how to learn. This can be highly individualistic.


Performing in front of others takes a tremendous amount of courage. Each time we perform in front of others we are taking calculated risks.


Musicians learn to become highly aware of their physical bodies as they develop efficient practice and performance strategies.


Yes, scientific concepts are part of learning music! Some of the things we learn about include acoustics in the various ways that produce sound; anatomy and physics in how to use our bodies most efficiently; biology and chemistry in how our bodies respond to various stimuli; and psychology in learning about performance and learning strategies.


Appreciation” is a general word to indicate a non-judgmental contextual understanding of something. In studying music, we learn that all music has purpose and value.


Critical analysis occurs as we practice each piece of music. We seek to understand what unifies the piece, what elements are expected, and what is unique or extraordinary.



Our critical analysis continues as we uncover our strengths and weaknesses as learners and performers. We learn to become honest with ourselves.


The honesty we encounter as we become critical of ourselves carries through to working with our peers. In understanding the joyful complexity of making music, we learn to treat others with respect and kindness.


Is it any wonder that so many lawyers, doctors, scientists, and other great thinkers and leaders were also great musicians? Consider that the following people have studied music.

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Charles Dickens
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Albert Einstein
  • Mahatma Ghandi
  • Benjamin Franklin


Pitch Perfect!

The annual Louth Meath ETB Musical Extravaganza took place on the evening of March 13th. All 39 of Coláiste de Lacy’s students travelled to An Táin Arts Centre in Dundalk to take part.

Our students performed a medley of songs including “Chandelier”, “Just the Way You Are”, “Just a Dream” and “Blame It On Me”. We were also one of just two schools to perform on the night with our entire student population!

Well done to our soloists Aoife, Aoibhinn and Alan who showed no signs of nerves as they wowed the audience with their vocals. They were ‘Pitch Perfect’!

At the end of our performance we also got to sit back and enjoy the talent of the other schools as well as watching rock band ‘The Valves’ bring the show to an energetic end!

A huge, ‘HUGE’ thanks to Iníon Cunningham for working so hard to make the performance a massive success.

We hope to enjoy and participate in many more performances in the Musical Extravaganza in the years to come.

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