SVP Annual Appeal 2016

Today there are people in our community and communities across Ireland in crisis… No food in the cupboard. No heating in their home. No end in sight. This year we have asked our students to help the SVP community with some of these things.


The annual food drive for christmas hampers has begun in Coláiste De Lacy, all donations are welcome and can be dropped off at the school or given to a student to bring in.

You can help people in need in your community this Christmas by supporting the SVP Christmas Food Appeal and donating non-perishable festive food items to help families and individuals enjoy an extra-special Christmas meal.


  • Please ensure that all food items are non-perishable
  • Please ensure that all food items have an expiry date well into 2017
  • We have put together a list of suggested items for your shopping list:
Treats Tinned Food Beverages Cereals & Carbohydrates
Christmas Cake / Pudding
Christmas Selection boxes
Mince Pies
Turkey / Ham voucher
Box of Christmas crackers
Festive Table napkins
Tinned Fruit eg. fruit cocktail
Tinned Vegetables
Packet / Tinned Soup
Tinned Spaghetti Baked Beans
Tinned Tuna / Fish


Tea and Coffee
Soft Drinks
Breakfast Cereals Muesli
Pasta/Rice Sauce
Muesli Bars


Rang Fionn brighten up CDL through colour meditation.

Coláiste De Lacy are about the embark on a week of ‘mindfulness’ and to prepare for that Rang Fionn decided to participate in some Mandala colouring.

Would you be surprised to learn that mandalas have existed since the beginning of time and that you probably witness and experience their beauty every day? Simply stated, a mandala is a sacred circle.
The word mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and loosely means “circle” or “center.” It’s a simple geometric shape that has no beginning or end.

Amazing as it sounds, by simply coloring mandalas, you can accomplish the following:

• Relax & enhance your meditation
• Balance your body, your mind, and your spirit
• Make a spiritual connection
• Expand your creativity
• Increase your self-awareness
• Encourage your self-expression
• Just have fun, alone or with your friends

Rang Lir practice some Mindfulness.

MindfulnessIt is difficult to describe what mindfulness is and here at Coláiste De Lacy we are trying to help our students discover what mindfulness means to them.

People in every culture around the world have recognized the wisdom of openhearted, present-moment awareness, whether or not they called it “mindfulness,” for thousands of years. Mindfulness can happen at anytime and we have probably all experienced it at some point in our lives with or without knowing. Maybe this happens for you when you play sports. Or maybe you experience this kind of awareness when you play a musical instrument, when you pet your dog or cat gently, or when you listen to your favorite song. Whether you realised it or not in those moments, you already know how to be mindful!

Living life more mindfully can help you to handle stress when it arises, and also experience life more fully, with more joy and gratitude.

This week Rang Lir practiced some mindfulness through colouring in their scrapbooks.

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