Science Week 2017

Coláiste De Lacy celebrated Science week with a number of events and competitions held throughout the week. These included the marshmallow tower building challenge as well as digestion and methane fire bubble demonstrations. There were daily science riddles as well as tasking starters that encouraged students and staff to use their imagining and noticing habits. Two TY students performed a humorous monologue during Tional where both staff and students learned to never trust an atom as they make up everything along with many more interesting facts.
The highlight of the week was the Clann Egg drop challenge where students had to create a structure that would protect an egg that was dropped from the first floor onto the halla floor. The competition was fierce and a number of clanns were inseparable. As a result the science department have decided to run another egg drop challenge with stricter criteria after Christmas.
The Science Department would like to thank both staff and students for their participation and effort which made Science Week an extremely enjoyable event.

To Infinity and Beyond!!

The first years in CDL have been busy over the past few weeks studying all about Earth and Space as part of their new Junior Cycle course.
After studying our solar system the students got creative designing their own models. The results were astounding as can be seen in the pictures below! Students went above and beyond to create these beautiful models. Well done to everyone for their excellent effort and engagement in the task!