Experiencing Spanish culture around the world.

We were transported to Spain, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean in TY Spanish. We have been learning about the culture of Spanish speaking countries and as part of this we explored the music from there. After listening to salsa, flamenco and reggaeton, students created a lip sync video of a song in Spanish. With Maracas played and the Macarena danced the groups put on a very entertaining show. Other activities this year have included playing traditional spanish sports such as ‘pelota’, discussing artists such as Picasso, Dalí and Kahlo and also writing stories or fairy tales in their own words. Through this, they are discovering lots of new information on the life and culture of the Spanish speaking world.

Hola. ¿Cómo estaís? ¡Estoy muy bien, gracias!

Since our last blogpost los estudiantes have learnt a lot of Spanish and now know many useful phrases. We can now describe ourselves and all our family members’ physical descriptions and personalities – apparently a lot of students have very lazy brothers and sisters!!

We can also now talk about our school: classroom objects, our subjects and our timetable.

Learning to tell the time was great fun because we played ¿Qué hora es Señor Lobo? (What time is it Mr Wolf?). It was great to run around outside of the classroom while using the Spanish we had learnt.

At the moment we have just started to look at verbs in Spanish. A lot of the words are difficult to understand e.g. conjugation, infinitive, stem etc. so we are making a song to help explain it. So keep an eye out for this in out next post!

¡Hasta luego!

Students talking about their school subjects and timetables

Students talking about their school subjects and timetables

Working in groups to piece information together

Working in groups to piece information together


¡Hola y Bienvenido! In English, Hello and Welcome! Our class have learnt a variety of greetings for all times of the day e.g. Buenos Días, Adiós etc. which we use in class and even along the corridor sometimes too. In Spain the way they pronounce the letters of the alphabet is different so it was interesting to learn how to say all of them, especially rr where you have to roll your tongue! With this we can now all introduce ourselves and spell our names in Spanish. Recently we have learnt numbers and dates so we now know how to say our age and our birthday; we even learnt the “Happy Birthday” song in Spanish! It has been fun getting to know some new words and phrases and we look forward to learning a lot more!!!

Spanish Flag