Learning to Code and Problem Solve

This year Coding was introduced as an Other Learning Experience (OLE) in CDL for 1st and 2nd Year students. It’s important for our students to learn more than just a basic understanding of coding, we want them to work on analyzing problems, problem solving strategies and to experiment with their individual creativity.

To help us get started on this journey we are using some of the resources available on www.code.org. If you would like to learn more about what you son/daughter is learning in coding, please check out the website above.

Irish Schools Fitness Challenge

Colaiste De Lacy took part in the Irish Schools Fitness Challenge again this year. Pupils completed their initial test in early October and have been working on improving their fitness levels since. All classes have been taking part in timed lap challenges as well different strength classes. Students were assigned activity homework and many have been working hard to improve their fitness by attending the extracurricular sports clubs inside school as well as trying to be as active as possible outside of school. The second phase of results have been collected and the PE Department are proud to announce that all the effort has paid off and that the majority of students have improved their result.

Experiencing Spanish culture around the world.

We were transported to Spain, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean in TY Spanish. We have been learning about the culture of Spanish speaking countries and as part of this we explored the music from there. After listening to salsa, flamenco and reggaeton, students created a lip sync video of a song in Spanish. With Maracas played and the Macarena danced the groups put on a very entertaining show. Other activities this year have included playing traditional spanish sports such as ‘pelota’, discussing artists such as Picasso, Dalí and Kahlo and also writing stories or fairy tales in their own words. Through this, they are discovering lots of new information on the life and culture of the Spanish speaking world.

Lights, Camera, Action in Geography.

It isn’t often that you would find a farmer, a fisherman and members of Bord na Mona in your classroom but that is what happened with 3rd year Geography students recently. Well, not exactly but close enough! Students created videos taking on these personas to discuss and revise primary economic activities. Dressed in costume, they acted out people working with raw materials such as water, oil, peat, fish and farm animals. The creativity in these videos was excellent but most importantly the collaboration and distilling of information was very impressive and will no doubt help with their revision.

Technology helps bring chords to life in the Music Room.

As part of the Music Taster programme it is great to see the CDL music students getting stuck in to their learning. GarageBand, an app available on apple devices allows our students to experience music making in a creative and engaging way.

GarageBand in a fantastic tool for experimenting with instruments and musical components. Our students can experiment with a number of instruments that they may otherwise not have access to or ever have the opportunity to play, such as electronic synthesizers (many of which have countless hidden instruments and noises), arpeggiator and orchestral instrumentation.